Protect Ya Ends Challenge Results

At the beginning of this year, I signed up for the Protect Ya Ends Challenge, hosted by Black Girl, Long Hair. Here’s how I did:

January 2, 2o12, starting stats and goals:

  1. Ending Point: 19 months into a 2 year transition. Total length of hair between 9-11 inches
  2. Crown Length: 7 inch new growth, 3 inches relaxer, Back: 7 inch new growth, 1-2 inches relaxer, Front-Side: 7 inch new growth, 3 inches relaxer
  3. Goals for March 31, 2012: Growth, Moisture, and Length Retention, and hopefully to achieve more creative protective styles

22 Months Transitioning: BIG CHOP Right Around the Corner


April 1st (also beauty day) marked my 22 month transitioning anniversary…Two months left until the BIG CHOP! I am super excited!

Yesterday I co-washed my hair, did a protein treatment using Aphogee, and DC. I then did a Twist-N-Curl, since Saturday marked the last day of the Protect Ya Ends Challenge.  I plan to wear my hair out this week after 3 months of not being able to.

Result Observations:

  • I really think the protein treatment helped. Last week’s rough hair is nothing compared to how my hair looks and feels today; Hair is soft, moisturized,and has sheen